Enabling businesses to grow through the provision of support services that reduce risk and increase efficiency, leading to increased profitability.

Accelerate business processes Leverage technology Reduce risk |

Business Continuity and Development


Information Security

Cybersecurity, Stock/Inventory loss control, vulnerability assessments, incident response and recovery.

Cloud Solutions

System administration, maintenance, architecture, coding, and building. Outsource to us and enjoy support and expertise every step of the way.

Website Services

Website design and development, E-commerce setup, website maintenance and SEO.

Financial Management

Financial analysis, budgeting, bookkeeping and accounting.

Branding and Marketing

Developing a name, logo and visual identity that accurately represents the business, all the while being mindful of the chosen name's impact on SEO.

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk identification and assessment, business continuity planning, crisis management, and compliance management.

About Us

JaWiSoft BCD emerged from the entrepreneurial spirit of founders Wihan Louw and Jacques Oostenbrink, who initially developed software within the JaWiSoft Group while simultaneously assisting friends and acquaintances with their own ventures.

Recognising the potential to extend their expertise to a wider audience, Jacques proposed the idea of leveraging their skills to empower other entrepreneurs and businesses in their pursuit of growth.

Thus, JaWiSoft BCD was born, with a vision to provide comprehensive business support services. As part of this commitment, a seasoned branding and marketing expert was appointed as Chief Marketing Officer, ensuring a holistic approach to meeting the diverse needs of JaWiSoft BCD’s clients. To further enhance our offerings, additional talented professionals were brought on board, ensuring unrivaled support for our valued clientele.


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